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Kane Woodward started in the insurance industry at age 19 in 2001, insurance ran in the family with Kane’s late father Wayne Woodward working in insurance until he lost his battle with cancer. 
Kane started in the insurance industry in 2001. Kane was a member of the PAA (Professional Advisers Association) this has now been transferred to being a member of Financial Advice NZ. Kane is a member of IBANZ which assist in continued education and support. Kane and Woodward Insurance Brokers is also part of  the Steadfast Network which give ease of business and improvements of policies for our clients.
Woodward Insurance Brokers LTD has access to a large amount of insurers within the market to be able to cater for practically all insurance needs.  
Kane takes pride in making complicated insurance as simple as possible for clients , resolving issues customers face in getting the right covers that suit them for an affordable budget that suits them.
Kane continues with professional development to ensure his knowledge is current.
We provide insurance advice, quotes and service around all types of insurance ranging from Life, Trauma (major health problem cover), TPD (unable to work ever again cover), Income and medical/health insurance to personal home, contents and vehicle insurance. Marine covers, Farm and lifestyle block, and business commercial fire and general insurance.   
We use many different insurers and work with those insurers on behalf of our clients assisting with a back up service in claims, policy management and other assistance in managing the policies start to finish.
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