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Your message could contain what covers you wish to quote or look further into, or maybe you may wish to request a phonecall. 
          Feel free to call us on 0800 822 122.


We are available via phone, email, skype or Zoom and are happy to assist your inquiry.

As part of assisting the defeat of COVID 19, we will not conduct any face to face meetings,

until further notice.


Kane Woodward (Director & Financial Adviser)



Support Staff


Fay    0275334133     or

0800 822 122


Brody   0223547213


Melissa  0274422120


Our office is closed to the public, so please call or email


Email contact


If we receive physical postage, this will be quarantined for a period following receipt, so I ask if posible please send any correspondence either by email, or take pictures and send to 0275333444.

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Kane Woodward
Cell phone 0275 333 444

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Po Box 8012
Invercargill 9845

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60 Doon Street
Invercargill 9810




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