Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance and Specialists and tests to have the best medical/hospital attention…

Medical insurance can be very helpful for getting you back to work faster, waiting lists within the public system can hold you up from getting the required investigations, treatment and operations in a timely manner.

Medical insurance provides an alternative option to the public system allowing the possibility of having investigations, operations, treatment erected faster than the public medical system for medical issues.

Medical insurance can also provide further medical treatment options not funded by the public system for example non Pharmac cancer treatment and provide newer technology i.e. newer MRI machines

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1 A Tip

If you find the cost too scary here is a tip: You could do your medical insurance without “specialists and tests”, your medical cover will still include the major costs! You can always review your options in time and extend your cover when your budget allows it, it is advisable only to do this if you can self insure the initial and minor Medical costs, but sometimes it worth having the major things covered rather than no cover at all.

2 Excess options

By using higher excess options on your medical cover you can reduce your premium payments dramatically, making the price more affordable! In the end your main purpose is to protect yourself and your family from an event that could “break the bank”. This idea also applies to home and contents. You pay less but you keep your major benefits in the case of a big occurrence.

3 How to keep your peace of mind in case a Critical illness:

Medical insurance – This is often overlooked if you get your medical cover directly or through work.
There are only a few major medical insurance providers commonly used in New Zealand that play the Pharmac/Medsafe rule more in your favor on medical insurance, by paying for any drug that has been approved by Medsafe, irrespective of whether those costs are subsided by Pharmac or not, for non surgical hospital treatment.
Medsafe is the government body that approves drugs for use in New Zealand. Pharmac, which manages a list of subsided pharmaceuticals on behalf of the government, does not subsidise all of these drugs

This could give you more medical options for major illnesses like cancer…

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