Claims – Fire and General Insurance

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Firstly, do what you can without risk of life to:

  • Minimise the loss to the insured item
  • Avoid further expense
  • Prevent being further liable for damage to other parties property or injury.
  • If you suspect loss has occurred through an illegal act, contact the police and appropriate emergency services if necessary.
    Contact us soon as possible and let us know what has happened.
  • We will assist with the process of lodging your claim, and
  • Keep you up to date as we are notified by the insurer of updates.
  • Provide you advice around the claim including directions.
  • Please allow the loss adjuster, repairer and insurer to assess the loss and answer any questions honestly.
  • You may have to take an item into a repairer for assessment.
  • In case of damaged vehicle glass (if you have glass cover), contact either Novus, Smith and Smith (or let us know if you would like to use your own preferred repairer) and let the glass repairer know:
  • Your insured name, policy number and the insurer’s name.
    If you cannot locate your policy number/details, please contact us and we will provide this to you.
  • You must not:
    Destroy or dispose of anything that is or could be part of a claim and do not abandon your property.
  • Obtain agreement from your insurer through us before you:
  • Incur any expenses in connection with any claim under an insurance policy, or
  • Negotiate, pay, settle, admit or deny any claim against you, or
  • Negotiate, offer to pay or pay any reparation, including, but not limited to, offers made as part
    of any case management conference or sentencing hearing, or
  • Do anything that may prejudice rights of recovery by your insurer.
    You must:
    Tell us immediately if you are charged with any offence, or if an event resulted in loss to another person’s property or bodily injury has occurred.

Claims – Life, Trauma, Disablement, income protection and Medical Insurances

If you are going through a medical event please let us know as soon as possible and we will look into whether the situation is claimable on one of your respective policies. It will be helpful to collect any and all relevant information from the medical professionals regarding your medical event.

We can assist you in submitting the claim to the insurer and keep you up to date with how the claim is progressing; we can also have a look at the information you provide against the policy wording and make an assumption of the possible outcome, subject to the concerned insurer’s approval.

You must make sure you follow the doctor’s advice, if you feel the advice given is wrong, please contact us as there may be a second opinion benefit available to you.

In regards to death claims:
Please let us know immediately if anyone that is covered under your policy has passed away. This allows us to start the claims process and secure any possible bereavement monies within the first initial period of the claim. To claim the rest of the life cover’s sum insured, generally we will need a claim form completed along with the accompanying death certificate.

In regards to trauma claims, (cancer specifically):
Please obtain and provide to us the histology report for us to pass on to the insurer. For any trauma claim (including cancer claims), please get as much detail to us as soon as possible to get the claims process started.

In regards to an accident:
please ensure that you get the process going for claiming benefits from ACC and let us know of the details regarding this.

In regards to disablement claims (unable to work ever again or temporary):
Please ensure that you get a medical certificate from your doctor so we can pass this on to the insurer and begin the claims process.

In regards to medical claims where a procedure is required:
Please obtain the referral letter and the estimate of costs for us to pass on to the insurer. In order to complete the claim form, a portion is required to be completed by your doctor or specialist.

It is good for you to let us know if there is any change in your health (including your children), as there may be benefits that you could be eligible for. For example, some trauma policies automatically provide coverage for your children.

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