Please Read This Important Information This on-line information is provided by Woodward Insurance Brokers Ltd and is intended to provide summary information as an introduction to products we can offer, we take no responsibility for any business or insurance done with a third party whatsoever. For further information on any products on this site, please feel free to contact us for the policy document, and/or product brochure  of the product(s) that interest you or speak to us on 0800 822 122.  A decision to purchase a product should be based on more comprehensive detail than is provided by this summary and you should not rely solely upon this summary as each insurance company we use vary from another. The policy document describes in detail the benefits provided, exclusions and how your policy works. The product described in this on-line information may or may not be offered by Woodward Insurance Brokers Ltd depending on circumstances and maybe not by another Adviser. Any Information obtained by questionnaires on this site are in accordance to the Privacy Act 1993 which also gives the concerned customer rights to access and correction of their information, the information that is being collected is held by Woodward Insurance Brokers Ltd and could be held by insurance companies that Woodward Insurance Brokers Ltd obtains a quote from. The site was updated nov 2015.




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